5 Fundraising Ideas for Teams

Is your school sports team in need of new uniforms or equipment? Do you need a way to fund team travel expenses? Are you at your wits end trying to figure out how to use the camaraderie you already have to raise funds? Well, if you are you have a problem that is common to teams that are trying to raise money. Make a resolution in the New Year to come up with newer and more inventive ways to raise funds. Below are some ideas to get you off to the right start.

  • Fundraiser Discount Cards: Fundraising discount cards are an easy way to raise funds for your organization, give a shout out to sponsors and give back to the community. Few fundraising activities can claim to accomplish all three goals. Our school discount cards allow users to receive discounts on specific goods and services from participating sponsors. You design the cards and distribute them helping both your sponsors and your community. They are a win-win situation for all. fundraiser card
  • Hold a “Rent-an-Athlete” event: In addition to our fundraising cards, you can try hiring out individual ream members to do specific tasks for donors such as mowing lawns, cleaning gutters, babysitting and dog walking. You can charge by the hour or by tasks as long as you engage community members and remind them why you are raising funds.
  • Partner with a local restaurant: Most restaurants will gladly partner with sports teams to help them raise money. Simply contact the manager of the most popular restaurant in your community and ask if you can host a sports team fundraiser. Work on the details with the manager and then invite as many people there as you can to support you. Chances are you may even get a write up in the local newspaper.
  • Organize a Pitch-a-thon: One fun way to raise funds is for sports teams to hold a pitch-a-thon. Charge a nominal fee for people to pitch a ball to see how fast it will go (use a radar gun for this). The best thing about this is that you can use a baseball, soccer ball or even ride a bike so all kinds of teams can sponsor this kind of activity.
  • Create and sell calendars: The New Year is rapidly approaching and there are people who still have not gotten a 2019 calendar. Get someone who is good at taking pictures to create a calendar of the team players and sell this around the community.

The possibilities are really endless once you put your mind to it. Hold a brainstorming session with your team members to decide the best tactics to use in order to raise money.

5 Ways to Thank Your Donors

“Hem your blessings with thankfulness so they don’t unravel.” ~ Author Unknown

Fundraising is about more than just soliciting for and accepting donations. It is also about building relationships with your donors, the surrounding community and your volunteers. When it comes to donors, there is no better way to solidify your relationship with them than by expressing your gratitude for their support. After all, they had a wide range of causes they could have given to and they chose yours. So, what are some effective ways to thank donors? Here are 5 ways to recognize your donors.

  • Publicly thank them: You can do this from the pulpit, at groundbreaking ceremonies, banquets, or anywhere there is a large gathering of people. This not only lets donors know you appreciate them; it is also great PR for the business you are thanking.
  • Send a handwritten note: Handwritten letters really stand out in today’s digital age. They can show that you made a special effort to acknowledge your donors. Moreover, hand written letters are inexpensive and relatively easy to produce. Finally, sending a handwritten letter gives you the chance to update your donors on the status of their donation and the progress of your cause.
  • Reward them with a meal: Breaking bread with donors is excellent opportunity to get some face time with your supporters and foster the long lasting relationship we spoke of in the beginning of this post. Moreover, you can treat donors to a meal without it being very expensive. You can, for example, arrange to have a cozy and informal lunch with them.
  • Put a contributor section on your website: Let the world know what great people your donors are by placing a contributor’s section on your website. Add links to your fundraising site so that others can be guided to their site thus increasing their traffic as an added bonus for them.thank you card
  • Use the power of social media: Create a gift thanking your donors and supporters. This way your message of gratitude can circulate and been seen my thousands if not millions of people. Your donors will appreciate the thought and the attention they will receive for supporting so worthy a cause.

Discount card fundraising is the easy and effective way to raise funds for your school. Our fundraising coupon cards are decorative and practical items that can help schools raise money for cheerleading teams, sports teams, schools, churches and other non-profit organizations.

Low Effort (and Low Cost) Fundraising Ideas

If your group or organization has been at the fundraising game for some time you know that overhead can be a bear. You know how involved or difficult fundraisers can be to manage. Yet, you also know how important certain causes are and that you must persist despite the challenges involved in fundraising. Because we know how expensive and stressful fundraising can be, we present you with these easy and inexpensive ideas that you can implement immediately.

  • 50/50 raffle – With a 50/50 raffle winners get half the pot and the rest goes to your organization. These kinds of events work best when you organize a large event where people can contribute with the hope of possibly winning a prize. Simply go to a craft of party store and buy tickets, then sell them from between $1-$5 apiece.
  • Bring & Buy Sale – Again, this type of even usually works best when you have brought together a large gathering of people to contribute to your cause. Simply ask that attendees bring an item to sell and that they buy one before they leave. To raise further funds, you can ask that participants pay a small door fee to attend.
  • Fundraising school discount cards: These cards allow the carrier to get discounts on goods and services from participating merchants and since multiple sponsors can offer a discount on a single card, you are able to save money and grow support for both you and your business partner. fundraising cards
  • Spare a Dollar – Simply draft a letter that you will use as a template. In the letter, explain who you are, why you are raising funds and ask for a dollar from each contributor. This fundraising method is growing in popularity because there is very little overhead involved in the whole process.
  • Crowd funding – What list would be complete without including good old fashioned digital appeals. It is free to join any crowd funding platform and the only cost involved might be that of producing a video.

Again, these methods can help you reign in the cost of your fundraiser and help increase your profits. They are easy to implement and organize and fun for elementary school fundraisers and other kinds of campaigns. Just be sure as always to thank all those participating in your fundraiser including merchants, sponsors, contributors and volunteers. Good luck with your fundraising efforts.

Unexpected Ways Students Benefit from Fundraising

The main goal of any school fundraiser is to generate revenues for some worthwhile cause. However, fundraisers also have ancillary benefits that even fundraisers may not fully be aware of. Apart from raising funds for sports teams, bands, cheerleaders, school trips or even to pay for new structures and buildings to expand the school’s compound, fundraisers can also help to develop a child’s character. Specifically, here are some benefits students derive from the very act of fundraising itself.

  • Students learn the value of teamwork: Students learn to coordinate their efforts with others during successful fundraisers. They learn to perform in roles that call upon them to be both leaders and subordinates. This is a lesson that will serve them well later in life.
  • Students develop their selling skills: Fundraisers give students a crash course in selling and marketing which have many applications in the real world. Later in life, they will have to market themselves to get jobs, an apartment, a loan, etc.
  • Students learn to set goals: Fundraisers give students a real world opportunity to learn about goal-setting and long-range planning. These skills will be useful throughout their entire lives as they use them to balance budgets, plan their children’s future, etc.
  • Instills in them the importance of community and charity: Students learn through their fundraising efforts the value of helping others. They also learn the value of bringing the community together for a common cause.
  • Students learn to be more creative: Students who engage in fundraising for a school project begin to see school as more than a boring place they gather in order to learn things. They come to see it as a fun environment in which their efforts can affect all kinds of change.students
  • Improve their academic skills: Math, communication, spelling, writing, and other language-oriented tasks are all a part of successful fundraising. These skills are taught by stealth to students involved in fundraisers whether they are aware of it or not.

So you see fundraisers benefit not just specific causes and the community at large, they also help students develop skills they will use throughout life. Even easy school fundraisers teach student many of the above skills. We can help students promote their fundraiser with our PTA fundraising discount cards. They are simple, attractive and can help you achieve any goal.

Tips for Writing Successful Fundraising Letters

When it comes to asking for donations, pledges, and support, fundraising letters are an excellent opportunity to get your fundraising efforts off to a great start. Not only are they a good way to reach out to potential donors, they also give you a chance to crystallize your own message. So despite the fact that social media, fancy e-cards and other technologies have sought to supplant this very basic way to solicit help for various causes, crafting an effective fundraising letter still matters. Here are some tips to help you prepare your fundraising letters.

  • Be strategic when choosing your mailing list: Think carefully about which donors you are sending your letter to. Are you addressing people who have never given to your cause? Are you addressing people who have supported you in the past? Craft your letter specifically to your readers.
  • Start with a personal salutation: Let donors know that you think of them as being real people as opposed to names in a database.
  • Tell a story: Don’t overwhelm the recipient with too many facts and figures. Appealing to your donor using stories about others who are affected by your cause creates a more effective way to get your reader’s support. The best fundraising letters appeal directly to your reader’s humanity, hope for a better world and/or their sense of justice and fairness.
  • Be concise: Even if you decide to write a lengthier fundraising letter of say 5 or more pages, make your appeal succinct. Remember that the reader may not have the time to go over a lengthy appeal so use bold and italics and even underline to help get the message across quickly.
  • Include a postscript: Studies show that when readers are skimming through an appeal letter one of the first parts they look at is the postscript. Therefore, it is a good idea to place the “ask,” the deadline, and the compelling call to action in this section of the letter.
  • Repeat your appeal without badgering your reader: Repeat your call to action so that readers know exactly what is expected of them but don’t do so in every line of your letter. Remember, not everyone will have received and read every previous mailing.writing
  • Thank your reader: Extending a common courtesy to your reader such as a “thank you” can often be the first step towards securing future gift from them.

There you have it. These are some simple and effective guidelines you can use towards crafting the perfect letter for your elementary school fundraisers. You may also wish to purchase our fundraising coupon cards in order to streamline and make your fundraising efforts easier for you and your donors.

How to get Parents More Involved in School Fundraising

We all know that parents are busy and have a lot of stresses in their lives. Work, family, social commitments can all compete for involvement in their children’s lives. We understand that. That said, one of the keys to a successful school fundraiser parental involvement. Parents can add much needed resources, energy and broader community involvement to school fundraisers. Therefore, if you want to get more parents involved in your school fundraiser, these tips will hopefully help you.

  • Get students excited: Parents are constantly looking for ways to become more involved in the lives of their children. Get students excited about your fundraiser and chances are parents will want to get involved so that they can bond with their children. One way to do this is to create teams and build friendly competition among students/parents.
  • Acknowledge their time constraints: As we said, parents have many demands on their time. Increase parental participation by being flexible as to when and how much time parents can contribute to your fundraising efforts.
  • Communicate to parents how the funds will be used: Parents are more likely to donate their time, effort and money when they know what the funds will be used for. In this you can lay out to them the importance of the fundraiser, your goals and how much effort and time it may take to accomplish these goals.
  • Spread the word: Sometimes lack of parental involvement all comes down to a breakdown in communication between the school/students and parents. In other words, parents often don’t even know that that a fundraising is even happening in the first place. Be sure that each child tells his/her parents that there will be a fundraiser. Also inform parents via emails, PTA meetings, parent teacher conferences, etc.
  • Keep it simple: Some parents fear that the tasks they will be given will be too time consuming and will interfere with the other demands in their lives. Give parent simple tasks such as preparing letters, drawing posters, sending emails, etc. Inform them that every bit of effort helps.parents

That’s it. Hopefully some of these tips will help increase parental involvement in your fundraiser. You can also make things easier for donors by using our fund raising discount card. School discount cards help businesses become involved in aiding your fundraiser. Sponsors, by seeing how easy these cards are to use, will be eager to contribute to the success of your fundraiser.

7 Ideas to Heat up Your Summer Fundraising

Summertime and fundraising seem to go hand in hand. Unfortunately, some fundraising groups experience a drop in donations at this time of year. However, fear not. So, whether your group is experiencing such a decline or not, we have ideas that will heat up your summer fundraising efforts in time for the trip back to school.

  • Car Wash: Car washes are one of those easy school fundraisers that are fun and helpful. More people are out and driving in the summertime and that means more potential donors to your cause.
  • Bike-a-thon: Talk about events that are both helpful and fun, bike-a-thons also promote physical fitness. Have participants join teams and ride for your cause. Parents can ride with kids, husbands with wives, etc.
  • Fun Run: Marathons are an excellent occasion to raise money by soliciting sponsors for each kilometer/mile run. They, like bike-a-thons, are also a good way to promote physical fitness and well being and to get to know your neighbors.
  • Pool Party: Team up with your local YMCA or similar organization and hold a casual pool party for great summer relief and to raise money for your cause. Charge for entry and invite plenty of guests. You may also wish to hold summer games of some sort and have the whole affair sponsored by a local business. (See the post on soliciting sponsors for your event.)
  • Community Yard Sale: Everyone loves a good bargain. Yard sales are a great way for people to get rid of items they no longer want but still may be useful to others and for fundraisers. A yard sale is also a great way to involve the entire community in your fundraising efforts.
  • Bake sales: Bake sales have been used for countless years to raise funds for a good reason – they work. All you need to do is to get people who love to cook together with people who love sweet treats and you will have a hit.fundraising
  • Book fairs: Many people have the goal of finishing a book or books on their summer list of things to do. You can foster the love of reading and raise money at the same time.

These are just a few ideas for summer school fundraisers. We are sure that you can think of plenty of other ways too. Another is to use our discount card for fundraisers. These allow you to ramp up your summer fundraising in a simple and effective way.

More Ways to Use Social Media in Your Fundraising Efforts

Millions of people sat and watched breathlessly as a raccoon scaled a 25-story building in Minnesota last week. Well as interesting as this diversion was, it speaks to how powerful social media is. It has the power to hold the public’s attention and even call people to action under the right circumstances. This is why businesses big and small use it to reach current and potential customers. It is also why you would be remiss in not using this resource to your full advantage when raising money for your cause. Before on this blog we’ve talked about fundraising on social media as it relates to school groups. On this post, we’d like to address some specific social media strategies you can use to raise funds for your group.

  • Schedule your tweets: Even though social media is active 24/7, you do not have to send out tweets willy-nilly hoping that people will find your tweet, post, etc. Use one of several sites to schedule your tweets to go out at specific peak times.
  • Choose the right platform: This depends very much on the demographics of the group you are trying to reach. Snapchat, for example, is predominantly used by Gen Z and Millennials. Therefore, trying to reach baby-boomers via this platform would probably not be a good idea.
  • Add variety to your posts: Mix up your messages with videos, text and pictures. People respond positively to visual posts provided they are creative and captivating enough.
  • Use stats to fine tune your campaign: Most social media sites have metrics that are available for its users. This is especially true when someone is running a paid campaign. Use these stats to find out which ads are working and which ones are not.
  • Customize your message: If you are using different media channels, you should tailor your message to fit each audience. Don’t use a generic, cut-and-paste approach to different platforms. For Instagram, for example, you would obviously use pictures. For YouTube you should create and distribute video content etc.
  • Include a Call to Action: Add a sense of urgency and specific steps your reader should take. Ask followers to go to your site and do this or that. Calls to action could include phrases like “click here to donate”, “share this”, etc.social media

In the age of social media you have to think strategically. Social media is good at causing a stir at minor events such as the building climbing raccoon, but it can also be a powerful force for spreading important messages. If you have an elementary school fundraisers you are planning or any other event, you can use these tips to improve your campaign. You can also do so by providing people with one of our fundraising coupon cards.

Tips for Securing a Sponsor for your Fundraiser

Fundraising events are an excellent way to bring attention to and raise money for a cause. However, as anyone who has ever held one knows, they can be somewhat expensive to produce. This is where sponsors come into it. The right sponsors can help you to significantly deal with the hard-costs required to produce an event of any kind. But what are some of the best ways to secure quality sponsors for your event? We’ve created 7 tips for soliciting sponsorships for your fundraiser

  • Design an up-to-date, attractive website: Make sure that you website contains all the information about your cause that a potential sponsor may wish to know as well as photos, videos and other attractive content. Also, be sure that the site loads quickly, is mobile friendly and is easy to navigate.
  • Do your research: Research who similar charities/causes are using as sponsors and then solicit those kinds of companies.
  • Create customized pitches: Prepare your pitch to sponsors based on each company’s specific needs.
  • Leverage your media coverage: Many companies will be eager to sponsor your event if it is covered by local or national media. Be sure to point out to potential sponsors your media sponsors during your pitch. Doing so creates good PR for their brand.
  • Have active social media accounts: All successful companies realize the importance of social media and how it can increase their presence. Use your social media account to solicit sponsor and to inform them of your goals.
  • Don’t take “no” for a final answer: Be persistent in pitching your charity’s merits. If you are refused at first try to find out how you may have gone wrong. Ask questions such as whether you provided all the information the sponsor may need to know about your cause.
  • Manage sponsorship relationships: Once you have secured a sponsor, do not take them for granted. Treat each sponsor well as they can make or break your event. Also, assign someone whose job it is to reach out to your sponsor on a regular basis.fundraiser

Yes, sponsors are the unsung heroes of charitable events. Without them many charities would do poorly. Be creative and persistent when seeking out this all-important part of any successful event. Use fundraising coupon cards to make it easier for donors and school discount cards as well to supplement the aid that you will receive from carefully chosen sponsors. Your charity will be much more successful for it.

7 Tips to Implement for Successful Spring Soccer Fundraising

soccer fundraising ideas small 300x164 soccer fundraising ideas small

Great Tips For Soccer Fundraising


While it seems like this winter will never end, the truth is, spring is just around the corner. While this might just seem like cheerleading, the reality is, now is the time to start fundraising for your soccer league so that you are ready to bound into Spring as soon as it is upon us.
Rather than give into the Winter Blues, use this time to plan for a productive spring.  Research shows that spring fundraisers are the most successful, and you should be a part of that trend.  There is no time better than now to start planning a successful spring fundraiser for your Soccer league.

Spring represents new beginnings and a fresh start – and it is a great time for people to commit to supporting your soccer organization!  Take advantage of the fresh spring air to recruit new volunteers, new supporters, and new members for your organization.  Most importantly, plan ahead to make certain that this spring you will be able to sow a solid foundation for your organization throughout the year.


As the winter moves on and the planning turns up for spring, here are 7 tips to implement for successful fundraising from the experts @ http://scholars-discount-card.com/

raise money soccer fundraising  raise money soccer fundraising

Spring Soccer Fundraising Tips For Success


1) Start Early and Have a Plan: Now is the time to start planning your Soccer Spring Fundraiser. You should be getting your group together, sharing ideas, and start writing a plan by Mid-January. Many fundraisers take 4 to 6 weeks to implement. Remember, the early bird gets the worm. At the least, you should have a meeting with your core fundraising group. The fundraiser you pick will determine the success or failure of your Spring Soccer Fundraiser.

2) Communicate Regularly: Communicate with your volunteers and donors via regular newsletters that highlight your fundraising organizations’ accomplishments, updates, new & ongoing campaigns. Ongoing communication creates a bond a bond with volunteers and supporters. This will keep your mission fresh in their mind and build loyalty. Ask your supporters how often they want to receive your newsletter and listen to them. It is standard every newsletter should feature a “donate” button, but every newsletter should not be a formal ask.  Am formal ask should be included in newsletter as you are about to launch a new Soccer Fundraising Campaign.


3) Outline your Impact: Savvy donors don’t like to throw money at a problem that has no identifiable solution stated. Be clear what the problem is and what the solution is!  Donors want to know where the money is going and how their money will help your organization. We encourage clients to set their donation amounts to tangible items or solutions “x dollars will buy a new soccer goal,” “x dollars will send a child to soccer camp,” .Be creative the way you structure your soccer fundraising message and don’t be afraid to state your organizations last year’s accomplishments. Cover all the good you’ve done since your last soccer fundraising campaign or an event. Do not be afraid to ask for help and money.

4) Focus on Building and Strengthening Your Community: It is important you have community a strong community around your organization is which is the backbone to your success. Your community includes donors, volunteers, members, parents, teachers, patrons, and the community at large People have become part of your community because your organization interests them. They have given of their time or their money because they want to see your soccer organization prosper. It is important genuinely engage with your entire soccer community because there is strength in numbers for your soccer organization. Engage with this people so you turn them into advocates for your cause in the community and can reach out to potential volunteers and donors so you can grow both bases… Take care of each member of your soccer group and encourage and listen to them for valuable feedback that will help you as you grow.

5) Audit and Clean up Your Website: Your website is the face of your fundraising organization online and could be the first impressions your fundraising organization makes on a new volunteer or potential donor. A nonprofit website is crucial to the overall message you sent to the community. A good website can make or break a community’s perception of your soccer fundraising organization. Your website will impact whether people chose to support you or not support you… Review and Audit your existing website.1.) Make sure the site has no coding errors 2.)Vital components are integrated and pleasing to the eye. 3.) Your ‘Donate’ button is easy to find, functions properly and is on the first page; 4) Make sure your content clearly states your purpose, mission, and urgency of your organization to raise funds on the first page. 5.), Include links to volunteer plus donor experiences and stories; 6) Make sure your website is clean, easy to navigate, and provides a positive user experience ; 7) Optimize your website for viewing across all mobile devices. Over 50% of traffic is coming from mobile devices and tablets – So do not overlook this opportunity.


6) Say Thank You To Everyone: “Thank you” – are two very simple but the most powerful words a soccer fundraising group can use.  There are many ways an organizations can associate a “thank you” to their community of supporters. Holding formal events or casual meetings are great ideas to express your thanks. With technology we can keep in touch and numerous ways to show your appreciation. Facebook and Twitter are great tools to utilize thank both groups and individuals for their time and energy. Post photos with volunteers and supporters, tag them so their friends and family can view them. Show your appreciation to individuals who went the extra mile. Show appreciation for even the smallest acts furthers helps promote your mission. This small “Thank You”, leaves a lasting, positive online impression that makes a huge difference.

7) Move the Fundraising Strategy Online: We cannot state the importance of online giving and social media enough so focus on your online message. Moving your soccer fundraising strategy from direct mail, to email , and to online will give you greater reach, Greater reach means you be more effective and touch more life’s. Now is the time to plan your Spring Soccer Fundraiser, so clean up your strategy and start raising more money.

Scholar Discount Card has been helping soccer organizations hit their Fundraising goals since 1997. To learn more about how we can help make your spring soccer fundraiser a huge success go to our website to learn more about our 2 options:

Soccer Fundraising Ideas