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Earn up to 90% profit with our “You Do It” Cheerleading Fundraiser Program. You raise money for your cheerleading team by enlisting local businesses to receive free advertising and increased patronage in exchange for exclusive savings. Plus, your colorful Cheer Fundraising card entitles the bearer to savings for an entire year. That's an easy sell that can result in lots of cha-ching for your cheerleading fundraiser.

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Let Scholars Discount Card do the work for you. With our “We Do It” Cheerleading Fundraiser Program, our cheer fundraising specialists reach out to local merchants on your behalf and negotiate offers to help raise money for your cheerleading team. Cheer fundraising has never been this easy!

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Not only does our Cheerleading Fundraising Card offer an excellent value to your team and local merchants….it won't leave your cheer team soaking wet from yet another car wash fundraiser! We use a high quality, 4 color printing process. And with a beautiful picture of your Cheer Team on the front, and discounts from your local merchants on the back, your cheer fundraising card sells itself! Check out some of our sample cheer fundraising cards that are raising money for cheer teams just like yours. You'll agree it's one of the best cheer fundraising ideas you'll come across.

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