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Are you putting together an elementary or high school fund raiser? How about a Greek or university fundraiser? At a loss for school fundraising ideas? Let Scholars Discount Card School Fundraising Specialists help make your next university, elementary or high school fund raiser program a success!

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Earn up to 90% profit for your School with our “You Do It”  School Fundraising Program. We will create a personalized discount card for your school fundraising event. You then reach out to merchants and sponsors in your area who want to support their local school.

Or, let Scholars Discount Card do the work for you. With our “We Do It” School Fundraising program, our specialists reach out to local merchants on your behalf and negotiate offers to help raise money for your school.

Did we mention that our school fundraising cards are great for university fundraising, too?

If they're this easy and profitable for kids, imagine what our school fundraising cards can do for your college or university fundraising project. Whether you're planning a sorority fundraiser (or any Greek fundraiser!) or a university sports team fundraiser, our discounts cards are one of the greatest school fundraising ideas you'll come across!

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Our school fundraising cards are constructed of the same high quality plastic used for credit cards, sell for $10.00, and entitle the bearer to a full year of generous daily discounts on food and entertainment within its community. We use the finest quality 4-color process printing to make the mascot or group photo on your custom designed school fund raising card look its best!

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We offer bonus cards and incentives for orders of 500 or more!
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