Elementary school fundraisers are an essential part of how the school
functions. These fundraisers provide necessary funds that allow the school to
continue to hold programs and events that the students need to learn and thrive.
However, how does COVID play into this? Many fundraisers in years past have
required large gatherings of people and take place at large events. Below are a few
suggestions on COVID safe fundraisers that you can partake in at your elementary
 Readathon: A readathon is a great way to have individual fundraising for a
great cause. This involves the students acquiring sponsors to bet on how
much they can read over the course of a specific period of time. This also
encourages the students to get more involved in reading in a fun way!
 Discount Cards: Here at Scholars Discount Cards we offer two different
programs that allow you to get involved in your community. Either we can
solicit to all the local businesses for you or you can take that part on yourself.
Either way, you will end up with discount cards that you can use to make
purchases around town at a discount all while supporting your local schools.
 Shoe Fundraising: Shoe fundraisers are a great way to encourage global
philanthropy at a young age. Many families have old shoes lying around that
they will not be using again and are happy to donate. Have each student
bring in as many shoes to donate as they can. There are a variety of programs
available that will then pay for the donations as they ship them to
entrepreneurs in developing countries.
If you are looking for the best elementary school fundraisers for your school
this year despite the impacts of COVID19 we would be happy to help. We
understand fundraising is more important than ever.