Schools require fundraising as state-allocated funds only go so far. In fact, state
allocated funds barely cover the bare minimums forcing many teachers to pay for supplies and
events out of pocket. Discount cards for fundraisers allow for fundraising to happen for
schools, athletics, and all kinds of extra-curriculars to continue to take place. Below is a list of
additional reasons to encourage your children to fundraise – besides the obvious of it
benefiting your school or activity of choice!
1. Helps children learn life skills: During the process of fundraising students are forced to
interact and speak with others, likely other adults. This allows them to learn how to
respectfully interact in the real world. Students are forced to work together when it
comes to fundraising to help reach their goals collectively.
2. Strengtheningfundraising family bonds: Fundraising for your group, school, or activity is something
that you can do together as a family. This can help to strengthen your bond as a family
as you interact together for a common goal.
3. Gives your school an opportunity to shine: Interacting with the community in regard to
your school allows your school to shine. You are bringing about awareness to your
school that would otherwise not exist.
4. Sense of community: Using discount cards for fundraisers allows the entire community
to stay involved. This is a great way to involve local small businesses that would
appreciate the exposure just as much as you!
5. Keeps your group motivated: Continuing to fundraise together as a group keeps
everyone motived and strengthens the bond of all of those involved.
If we can help you set up discount cards for your fundraiser, we would be happy to help!