Easy school fundraisers are necessary all year long to help support your local schools.
Without the additional funding coming in from easy school fundraisers schools would be forced
to cut programs. Teachers already pay an exorbitant amount of money out of pocket on their
minimal salaries. It is not feasible to continue to expect teachesummerrs to cover the additional costs of
necessary classroom supplies. It is also not fair for students to expect fun school programs to be
cut because funding was not available. If you are staying at the same school you were the
previous year, summer is a wonderful opportunity for you to organize fundraisers to get
students involved in their school in a new way. If you are joining a new school for the upcoming
school year, participating in summer fundraising is an excellent way to meet new families at
your new school and to become part of your new community. Below are a few summer
fundraising ideas to help support your school.
 BBQ Cook Off: This is a fun way to come together as a community over the summer and
to have all the families participate in an event together. A BBQ cook off gives new
families moving to the area or kids joining the school for the first time an opportunity to
all meet one another. This is also a fantastic and easy way to raise additional funding for
the school.
 Ice Cream Truck: Similar to a BBQ cook off this is a great way to bring the community
together. An ice cream truck gathering can be simple and informal. Simply have the ice
cream truck park at the school and invite incoming families to participate. The kids can
also have the opportunity to play on the school playground and meet other students
while enjoying some ice cream.
 Golf Tournament: This is a great way to raise additional funds but does not involve
families as much as the other opportunities.