Easy school fundraisers are the best ways to raise money and awareness for
your school. The easier the fundraiser the more likely they are to happen and more
often. There are a variety of ways in which you can raise money for your school but
our discount cards are sure to make the process as easy as possible for all the
families involved as well as the school organizing the process. Fundraisers benefit
the school in a variety of ways and ultimately the students at large. Below are a few
of the most popular reasons to hold a school fundraiser.
 Academic Clubs: Academic clubs are considered extracurricular activities
even though they are still academic. In order to keep these programs
running, funds must be raised to allow staff support, materials,
transportation, and various other items that may be needed to hold the club
on a continued basis.
 Athletic Clubs: Athletic clubs are one of the main reasons schools hold
fundraisers whether it be to support volleyball, basketball, football or any
other sport the school may participate in, funds are needed for staff support,
sports equipment, uniforms, as well as the training facility upkeep itself.
 District or School as a Whole: The school and district as a whole need
additional funds outside of the school budget to help maintain the grounds,
expand to additional buildings, host events, and grow new programs.
Without fundraisers none of these opportunities for future students would
be possible.
 School Spirit: Fundraisers bring a sense of school spirit to the students as
everyone is able to work together towards a common goal.
If we can help with easy school fundraisers in your community we would be
happy to do so. Please let us know if you have any questions about how our discount
cards work and how they can benefit your school for years to come.fundraising