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Sports fundraising ideas have become necessary as the cost of youth sports has risen
dramatically. In fact, less children than ever are participating in youth sports due to the
exorbitant fees associated. This is extremely sad, as all children should have equal access to
youth sports. This is where the necessity of fundraising for youth sports comes into play. If you
need sports fundraising ideas, we are here to help! Our discount cards are the perfect
opportunity to help support your local youth sports teams.
Participation fees alone can be enough barrier to entry for families that are struggling. In
recent years, participation fees have increased to new heights. These fees are meant to cover
the cost of coaching and associated insurance fees. Equipment and apparel are other fees that
fall directly on the families when fundraisers could be used to help cover the costs. Depending
on the sport, equipment can get pricey. From bats, gloves, shoes, protective wear, balls,
hockey/lacrosse sticks, etc. there is always a need for new equipment. This equipment certainly
takes a beating during the year and likely needs annual replacement on many pieces. Apparel is
also costly including jerseys and necessary t-shirts/sweatshirts for events.
If your child is gifted enough to play as part of an elite team, you can expect even
greater costs associated. Travel is often associated with elite teams and can add up quickly.
From hotel stays, food costs, etc. travel for sports can add up quickly. Our discount cards are
here to help support all of your youth sports needs when it comes to funding. We believe that
the cost of sports should never be the reason a student does not participate.