Above all else, parent involvement is the number one factor that will improve a child’s
education from morale to test scores and overall lifelong success. Regardless of a family’s
income status, education level, or location, if a family is actively involved in the child’s
education, they are more likely to succeed. This is one of the biggest reasons to increase the
prevalence of easy school fundraisers. Easy school fundraisers allow parents to feel more
engaged in their children’s education and more likely to stay involved long-term.
If a parent is involved in their child’s education the student is much more likely to
develop a love of learning from a young age. Having this positive association with school and
learning in general is imperative to their lifelong success. When a parent is involved, they share
the responsibility with the teacher for the student’s success rather than placing that entire
burden on the teacher. Teachers are true miracle workers, but they have many students to
tend to and ensure success. The more involved the parent is then they are setting their student
up for the most successful future possible. Unfortunately, many students from low-income
families or where English is a second language, parent involvement is very low. Fundraisers can
be a great way to draw these families in to encourage themfundraiser to increase participation.
When there is parent involvement it is also proven that chronic absenteeism decreases
while morale increase. Virtual learning or distance learning creates a disconnect in the learning
environment and decreases parent involvement with the teacher directly. It is during these
times specifically that parents need to make sure they stay more involved than ever. If possible,
visit the teacher in person and stay on top of your students curriculum daily.