School fundraising can be a tedious and overwhelming task. Many times the
burden of organizing these functions falls to one or very few individuals making the
task that much greater. in particular are extremely
necessary in order to provide the students with the quality education and
extracurricular activities that they deserve. COVID-19 has made the traditional
forms of fundraising particularly difficult. Most traditional fundraising requires
gatherings of people where the more people who attend, means more money. Below
are a few of the traditional types of fundraising schools have seen over the years.
 Car Wash: Students donate their time and supplies to wash cars for a good
cause. While the labor involved is great for students to learn how to work for
what they want, these types of events draw a crowd and are less desirable
during times of COVID.
 Dog Wash: Dog washes pose similar problems to the car washes in that they
draw crowds of people. There is also little guarantee that many people will
show up limiting the amount of money you are able to raise.
 Auctions: Auctions have been popular for years but again draw a large
crowd of people. You want auctions to draw people as the more attendants
the greater the funds raised. However, this is simply not possible right now.
With social distancing still actively in place we have a better solution! Our
discount cards make fundraising for all ages such a breeze! You will no longer need
stressful hours of planning and organizing. You do not need to worry about a large
crowd of people. You can also stop worrying about how effective your high school
fundraisers are because our discount cards actually work! We have two different
options when it comes to how we handle our discount cards depending on how
involved you prefer to be. If you have questions or need us to help walk you through
the process we are always here to help!