High School fundraisers are a necessary part of running a successful school. The money
allocated to the school by surrounding taxpayers is quickly eaten up by necessary expenses.
These expenses include costs of building upkeep and teacher and maintenance employee
salaries. These expenses add up quickly and leave the school with little to no money left for
very necessary school items. These items can include anything from improvements or
expansion to the school all the way to funding extracurricular activities and equipment. It is a
sad reality how necessary High School fundraisers are.
If your school is struggling to find the right fit for a successful fundraiser, thfundraiserere are many
options for you to try. Many schools go with the traditional car wash or even a dog wash
station. This allows the students to have to put in the hard work themselves in order to earn
funds for a specific cause. However, these types of fundraisers rarely raise nearly enough
money to support their cause. Another alternative is a walk or jogathon where students are
encouraged to find sponsors to support them in their walk or jog to see how far they can go.
This is typically more successful but will likely fall short of hitting a significant goal to help the
We highly recommend our discount cards in order to successfully support your school
year round. Our discount cards allow your school to involve the community and only ask
participants to purchase things that they would normally purchase anyway. This is a win win for
all involved and continues to successfully support schools all year long. This is particularly
helpful in winter when a lot of fundraisers can not take place outdoors. If you have any
questions about how our discount cards can support your high school fundraisers we would be
happy to help!