Tips For Fundraising

We know nonprofit fundraising can be more work than fun. With a little work and a lot of fun your nonprofit group can make BIG BUCKS. Follow our easy Fundraising for Nonprofits Guidelines and have your fundraising campaign turn into a huge success.

Step One: Set Goals for your Nonprofit Fundraiser

Setting goals for your group will allow your nonprofit fundraising campaign to have direction and provide financial goals to hit. Without financial goals, the campaign will lack direction.


  • Establish a financial goal. How much does your nonprofit need to raise? Knowing your groups financial goal will help you decide a fundraiser most suitable for your fundraising needs. This will allow members in your group to know how much each member needs to raise. Nonprofit fundraising is all about numbers. The more people you have fundraising, the more money for your nonprofit.

Step Two: Plan Your Nonprofit Fundraising Activities Strategically

  • Plan your nonprofit fundraising program early to avoid competing with other groups.

Step Three: Kick-Off Your Nonprofit Fundraiser

  • Your group should all be present (if possible) at the kick-off. Each person in your group will be given their fundraising discount cards to sell at the kick-off. Let all members know about the prizes (cash incentives / pizza party etc.) for top sellers.
  • Let your nonprofit group know deadline / cut off date for discount card sales. Keep energy levels high – remind parents, teachers and members of the fundraiser’s goals and deadlines. Your group should audit your fundraiser weekly.
  • Do not forget to communicate with absentees who miss the kick-off.

You Do It or We Do It

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Step Four: Selling Tips For Nonprofit Fundraising

    • When selling your local community discount cards, remind sellers to tell prospective buyers that the participating merchants on the card are good for one year of continuous discounts.
    • Contact local merchants on your card and get permission to sell your fundraising discount cards at their location. Catch customers that are going into your participating merchant , explain the offer, as well as others on the card, and that the card is good for one year of continuous discounts. Easiest sale you will ever make.
    • Selling at banks on a Friday (again, get permission) are a great way to sell your community discount card. Using our tailor-made ITS HERE flyer (has both front & back of card), explain your nonprofit fundraiser to the prospective buyer and give them a flyer while they walk into the bank. While they are in the bank, they have time to read the flyer and get money for the weekend. Once they realize the money they can save with your card, at the same time helping raise money for your nonprofit, they will purchase a card on the way out of the bank.
    • Parents become a very important part of your nonprofit fundraising efforts. Most parents are working in the local community. Most companies allow nonprofit fundraising to take place in the workplace. Your community discount card is tailor-made for your local community. With many local discounts, your parent’s workplace becomes a great place to sell your discount card.

The most important of all nonprofit fundraising tips: HAVING FUN! With the right approach your nonprofit fundraiser can and will be enjoyable and earn BIG BUCKS.