DIY Fundraising Discount Cards

Organizations like yours rely on fundraising as a way to bring in the additional income needed for you to achieve your goals. The challenge is to find a successful way to fundraise that excites people, both those fundraising for you as well as those you are fundraising to. One of the smartest solutions for those looking to boost their income during drives is to try out our DIY fundraising discount cards.

Do you find that other schools, teams, and organizations in your area are finding success using DIY fundraiser cards for their pledge drives? Then it is time for you to find out how do-it-yourself fundraiser cards can help you achieve the same goals. Speak to the team at our company to learn all about the different card programs we have available for you to choose from.

Getting the Most Out of Your DIY Fundraiser Card Program

Just think about it; you can create an engaging fundraiser card program for your pledge drive using many of the most popular merchants in the area with the help of our company. Whether you are looking to bring tried and true discounts to those that support your fundraiser or want to attract supporters with new and exclusive offers, our team is ready to help you create the perfect fundraising card to match your goals.

In just a matter of days, you are going to be able to put together a comprehensive fundraising campaign that is delivering amazing deals to individuals and families looking to support your cause or organization. There are a variety of different DIY fundraising discount card options available from our company and you are going to be able to earn more than 90% of the profit towards your fundraising goals when you work with us and our bonus program. Make sure you ask us any questions you have about how we can take your fundraiser to the next level of success through our provided merchant contracts, informational flyers, sample community fundraising cards, and customized fundraising campaigns.

We supply your group with all the materials needed for your fundraising campaign:

  • merchant contracts
  • an informational flyer explaining your fundraiser
  • sample Community Fundraising Cards with diverse merchants & offers
  • your own flyer tailor-made for your fundraising campaign
    • 100 cards free for every 500 purchased
    • $100 cash for every 500 cards purchased
    • 2 FREE cards for each participating merchant

Take your fundraising ideas to the next level and contact us to design a fundraising discount card.

(Bold amount in parenthesis is cost per card after Bonus Program)

(Bold amount in parenthesis is cost per card after Bonus Program)

(Bold amount in parenthesis is cost per card after Bonus Program)

You Do It or We Do It

7 + 10 =

Getting the Most Out of Your Fundraiser Card Program

With no-cost advertising, merchants in your area often enjoy participating to lend their support to local schools, teams, and other organizations. This makes it easier for you to sign up businesses that customers in your target demographics are going to be excited about seeing associated with your discount card. Recruiting merchants is essential, though, to the success of using a discount card for your fundraiser. While a very simple process, you should never neglect reaching out to the businesses you believe are going to generate the most interest in your discount card.

Worried that it won’t be easy to get the merchants you want interested in signing up as participants in your discount card? Think again. If you have just ten members of your group sign up two merchants a piece then you can garner a total of 20 merchants in a matter of a week. Don’t have that many members available? Have five members sign up three merchants each for a total of fifteen merchants. With just a little bit of footwork, you and your organization will quickly be able to sign up enough merchants to make your do-it-yourself fundraiser cards a success in your community


  • 10 members of your group need to sign up 2 merchants each to garner a total of 20 merchants.
  • 5 members sign up 3 merchants each for a total of 15 merchants.

Fundraiser Cards are just that EASY!!

Contact us to learn more about our “You Do It” program. Our DIY fundraising company is proud to assist customers throughout the US.